officer leading prisoner in handcuffs in corridorA shooting incident occurred near Las Vegas middle school on Tuesday. The episode left the victim brain dead, as per the information given by the Metro Police.

On Tuesday, at around 10:40 a.m., the police received numerous phone calls regarding a shooting incident involving a black SUV and a white Honda Civic. The confrontation occurred near Harold J. Brinley Middle School at West Smoke Ranch Road and North Jones Boulevard.

The white Civic, which had crashed into a pole, was riddled with four bullet holes. The victim was rushed to the University Medical Center, where he was declared brain dead and his chances of survival were not deemed to be too high.

Tyrone Pedro Bell, who is 32 years old and his wife Ashley Carswell, a 28-year-old were arrested by the police due to their involvement in this incident. They were charged with attempted murder, conspiracy and discharging a firearm into a vehicle. Bell was also charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim’s uncle got in touch with the police when he came to know about the suspects’ vehicle description. He informed the police that his nephew was having some trouble with a guy who drove a vehicle that matched this description.

The victim had sold a shotgun to Bell’s roommate and complete payment of the transaction had not been made. According to the Uncle, he and his nephew visited Bell and his roommate’s house to collect the payment. The discussion was civil and the roommate had committed to arrange for the money very soon.

However, Bell was angry with the victim, as he believed that he had approached his car in an unpleasant manner and he went after the victim and his uncle and followed them till a dollar store parking lot. The victim and his uncle knew he was following them, so they deliberately pulled over at this spot, as it had security cameras. Bell who was furious, took out his gun and threatened them to stay away from his house, otherwise he will kill them.

Regardless of the threat, the victim visited Bell’s roommate again on Tuesday at 10 a.m. to convince him to buy an amplifier. The roommate told the victim that he had no money, so the victim left. A few minutes after he left, Bell and Carswell also left. According to the police, Carswell was driving and Bell was in the passenger seat. The roommate stated that Bell said he was going after the victim, as he came to the house regardless of the warning.

Bell and Carswell returned to the residence in 45 minutes in a black Ford Explorer and parked their car in the garage, as per the report. The police found an empty extended magazine for a .45-caliber weapon inside the car. They also found a half loaded magazine in Carswell’s purse. Bell possessed a .45-caliber semi-automatic gun that was thrown out of the window, as soon as the police showed up. Bell and his wife Carswell have denied any involvement with this incident, as per the report.