Police in Las Vegas are dismayed to inform the public that a Henderson resident has passed away after a multi-day standoff with police. According to authorities in Henderson, the incident ended without any other injuries when police discovered the armed and barricaded subject deceased in a townhome on Callen Falls Avenue.

So far, the identity of the culprit hasn’t been publicly released. It’s also not clear how the person passed away. The individual’s cause of death will be released in the coming days after the Clark County coroner’s office conducts an autopsy.

Police have yet to release many details about what happened before or during the standoff. According to reports from neighbors, however, the home where the suspect was discovered was significantly damaged over the course of the multi-day standoff. Nearby neighbors say the side of the house that faces East Galleria Drive was very damaged and some parts were completely missing. People who walk by can see directly into the home. The garage door of the residence also appeared to be completely gone and possibly blown off by the police during the standoff.

Neighbors also stated that police asked them to leave their homes until the end of the standoff. The ordeal started at around 11:20 A.M. on Friday and lasted until Sunday at around 7:40 A.M. During the situation, police were asking the suspect to come out of the residence. They also repeatedly expressed the desire for everyone to come out of the incident safely. Eventually, authorities had no choice but to enter the home forcefully.

That’s when it’s assumed they discovered the victim deceased. No other injuries have been reported. Currently, the whole ordeal is being treated as an open investigation.

Avoid a Police Standoff Whenever Possible

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