Irrational Fear and Unwarranted Phobias Power the #TrumpTrain

With the terror attacks in Paris still in the nation’s collective memory, the occurrence of Islamophobia in America is shocking.

Many people — mostly naive and ignorant — believe all terrorist attacks carried out in America are perpetrated Muslims. History serves as a reminder than violent terrorist activity has mainly come from white supremacists, radical “Christians” and far-right militia groups.

Despite the unwillingness of some people, who don’t want to believe that Americans are capable of committing horrific atrocities, it happens. Americans do awful things in the name of Christianity — even as their actions spring from their beliefs.

Usually, these homegrown terrorists have their own agenda.

Las Vegas criminal attorney Nick Wooldridge presents the top five terrorist attacks on America. Spoiler alert: Muslims had absolutely nothing to do with any of them.

Mother Emanuel AME Church — Charleston

Dylann Roof, a devout Christian, who went to church regularly, opened fire and killed nine people in the South Carolina church.

Oklahoma City

Timothy McVeigh lit a bomb at the Alfred Murrah Federal Building and over 160 people and injured over 500. McVeigh had been obsessed with the Seventh-Day Adventist group — Branch Davidians — and used the events at Mount Carmel’s compound as his justification.

Abortion Doctors

Since 1977, there have been over 380 death threats, 15 attempted murders, 370 physical invasions and 16 attempted murders against abortion providers. The perpetrators? Christian, pro-life right wingers.

Ku Klux Klan

The leader of Virginia’s KKK group alleges the organization is a Christian organization and does not condone violence. In reality, the organization has been utilizing fear and violence to terrorize Americans for decades. Their focus has been gays, Jews, and blacks.  There are no accurate statistics for the countless rapes, lynchings, bombings and massacres carried out in the name of “respect and brotherhood”.

Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church

In 2008, a Powell, Tennessee man was arrested for a rampage in a church — prompted by his hatred of liberalism. Jim David Adkisson‘s murder spree was motivated by Democratic leaders who interfered with America’s war on terror as well as being unemployed and getting his SNAP benefits cut.

Charged with the murder of Greg McKendry, 60 and Linda Kraeger, 61, Adkisson also wounded six others in the assault which took place at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church.

Entering the sanctuary, with a shotgun hidden in a guitar case, Adkisson didn’t say anything before firing three rounds from a  sawed-off shotgun.

When Adkisson had to reload, several church members tackled him and disarmed him. Adkisson’s attack plans were disrupted when the members tied him with belts and put him face down on the floor.

Along with the guitar case, Adkison was carrying more shotgun shells in a leather bag. “We found 75 shotgun shells,” Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen said. “He thought he would be killing people until law enforcement arrived and he expected to be killed by police.”

When police searched Adkisson’s Ford Escape in the church’s parking lot, they found a four-page note explaining Adkisson’s reasoning.

According to Owen, Adkisson was angered by “his inability to find a job” and his reduction in food stamp benefits  — frustrations which he traced back to  the “liberal movement.”

Owen told reporters that it appeared Adkisson had targeted the church because the church had gained some notoriety due to its liberal stance. The church routinely announces meetings for gay support groups which are held in the church’s educational wing. Adkisson’s ex-wife had attended TVUUC years ago.

The police searched Adkisson’s Levy Drive home and found brass knuckles, a .38-caliber pistol, and political books.

Steve Still, a KPD investigator, said Adkisson went on the rampage as he believed that all liberals should be eliminated because they were destroying the nation. Adkisson also felt that the Democrats had ruined the war on terror as well as “every institution in America” with the help of media outlets.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has tapped into the spring of irrational fear and hatred which is permeating America. White men who are undereducated, financially impotent and losing control of their future, are turning their frustrations against anyone that doesn’t “smell like them look like them or walk like them”.

The irrational fear cannot be allowed to run unabated.

And what about Adkisson? On February 9, 2009, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.