Teenage Boy To Be Tried As An AdultA 24-year old woman was gunned down near her workplace on 17th April. A teenage boy by the name of Chris Brown has been linked with the shooting and will be tried as an adult.

The woman identified as Cassandra Lee Cassidy, is a resident of Las Vegas. The suspect, Chris Brown was 15 years of age at the time when the shooting happened. The arrest was made on two counts of attempted murder and one count of murder. As confirmed by Clark County District Attorney’s Office, he was declared as an adult on Monday.

Cassidy worked at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center called Solutions Recovery Inc., and on April 17th she pulled into its driveway on 1355 Westwind Road. Two frightened females approached her and requested her for help, as conveyed by the Metro Police. Upon questioning the two females, the police came to know that they were taking a ride with the three male suspects in a car. According to one of the females, the suspects were supposed to drop them at her father’s apartment; however they realized that things were getting fishy when the suspects just kept driving around instead of dropping them at their required destination. The females upon seeing that one of the suspects had a gun, got out of the white, two-door vehicle and ran. They came across Cassidy, who had just arrived at her workplace and they rushed to her in a panic and asked for her help. Using Cassidy’s mobile phone, one of the frightened girls was able to get in touch with her father. Suddenly the suspects’ showed up in their vehicle and one of them fired on the girls.

Unfortunately, Cassidy got hit and the other two females ran away. Cassidy was rushed to the University Medical Center, but could not survive the gunshot wound and died at the hospital.

One of the females had taken a video of the incident and it spread on social media. The police also came across Brown’s mother’s Facebook page. A few days after the shooting, Brown’s mother took her son to the Metro headquarters to surrender. According to his mother, she had dropped him to school on April 16 and he had disappeared for a few days. She tracked him down on April 20th and took him home and then eventually to the police.

Brown’s arraignment is set at the Las Vegas Justice Court on 24th August. Michael De Angelo Scott, who is also associated with this case is 21 years of age and faces two counts of attempted murder and one count of murder. His trial is set for 2nd November at 9 a.m.