pandering crime in Las Vegas NVLike other states, pimping and pandering have harsher penalties and prison time than actual prostitution, because the court realizes that controlling these activities curb actual prostitution, and pimps and panderers take advantage of prostitutes by exploiting them and benefitting from them.

Penalties are even more severe when minors are involved in sex acts. Charges related to pimping and pandering are serious and can result in years in prison, fines, and impact your ability to get a job or housing in the future.

Although prostitution is legal in some forms in areas of Nevada, the vast majority of prostitution in Nevada takes place illegally, in Reno and Las Vegas. Prostititon is illegal in Clark County, which contains Las Vegas. Pimping and pandering are both illegal throughout Nevada.

What is Pimping?

People who are pimps, essentially, live off the proceeds of prostitution. They collect money from those who prostitute and receive a commission in exchange for keeping them safe or providing necessities. You can be charged with pimping, a category D felony in Nevada, even if you had no direct dealings with the prostitute and did not pander.

The maximum sentence under NRS 201.320 includes a fine of up to $5,000, and a prison sentence of 1-4 years.


Panderers promote prostitution by recruiting prostitutes and encouraging them to work, or arranging them to work as a prostitute. Pandering could be bringing a prostitute into the country

or city and selling them on a business arrangement. If the victim was an adult, penalties for pandering prostitution 0 and excessive force was used to get them to prostitute are fines of $10,000 and up, restitution payments to the victim, and one to five years in Nevada State Prison.

Acts related to pimping and pandering could be:

  • Procuring patrons for prostitutes
  • Enticing or compelling a person (adult or minor) to become a prostitute
  • Managing or owning a prostitution business
  • Directing another person to a business, hotel or residence for the purpose of prostitution;
  • Taking money or other property from a prostitute, without lawful consideration, or permitting another person to use a place for prostitution activities.

Immigration Consequences for Non-Citizens

For non-citizens, these crimes are removable offenses which can have huge immigration consequences.  Undocumented people may be removed from the U.S. if they are suspected of pimping or pandering. Being convicted of pandering, an aggravated felony involving moral turpitude may result in deportation.

If you are Facing Sex Charges in Nevada  

Don’t allow a criminal charge to cost you your future. A skilled lawyer can help you now, taking actions to help keep you out of jail, and possibly get charges reduced or dropped. If you have been charged with pimping or pandering in Nevada, it is vital that you speak to an experienced and knowledgeable Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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