Three weeks after receiving a Federal Grand Jury subpoena, and as part of its new campaign for openness, Penn State officials posted on the school website Friday, a brief blurb acknowledging receipt of the subpoena, a copy of the subpoena and the cover letter accompanying the subpoena. The subpoena from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania is directed to the V.P and General Counsel of Penn State and commands an appearance before the Grand Jury on Wednesday, February 29 in Harrisburg. According to the release posted by Penn State, the compliance date has been extended. The subpoena covers the time frame of 1998 to the present and seeks records pertaining 8 separate categories of documents, including: out of court settlements relating to Jerry Sandusky, allegations of misconduct by Sandusky, reporting requirements of university officials, documents relating to allegations against or actions involving Sandusky, The Second Mile and the computer hard drives of Gary Schultz, Tim Curley, Graham Spanier and Sandusky.

The cover letter directs Penn State to preserve all emails and source documents sought by the subpoena.

Schultz and Curley are currently awaiting trial on perjury charges related to their testimony before the State grand jury. As everyone knows, Sandusky is awaiting trial on 52 charges of child sexual abuse .

This subpoena marks a well defined shift from the active investigation of child sexual abuse by Sandusky, into the possible cover up of those allegations by high ranking members of the Penn State administration. The subpoena also means what many at Penn State had feared and that is – this investigation will not be over for a long time.