Wells Band Colony – Tribal Police Department

Wells Colony is just one of four colonies which make up the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians. Members, called “Newe” (The People), are the heirs of a rich tradition which once trailed game and gathered food across the plains and valleys around what would become the town of Wells. Calling themselves ‘Kuiyudika,’ the group included two other meagerer groups: the Doyogadzu Newenee and the Waiha-Muta Newenee. Clover Valley was the venue where these groups would rendezvous.

The Newe’s semi-nomadic lifestyle came to an end in the mid-1800s when Euro-Americans began to arrive in the region. Congress founded the Nevada Territory in 1861 and included the groups in the Ruby Valley Treaty of 1863.

Since the beginning, Wells employed many Newe people. The Wells area didn’t have a sufficient land base, always low pay and suffered inadequate living situations. In the 1970s, the Wells Band established the Wells Community Council to deal with the problems. Some years later, in 1977, Congress established the Wells Colony on 80 acres. The Te-Moak and Wells Bands have been working to better the conditions by enhancing the land base with property from the Bureau of Land Management while developing the on-reservation facilities.

The Peace Keepers

The Wells Band established the Tribal Police force to ‘serve and protect’ the colony and its members.

The Tribal Police are not permitted to choose sides in disputes or grievances. Officers remain neutral so that everyone is served fairly and with the highest respect.

Dedicated to the total effort of maintaining open lines of communication with all Colony members, The Peace Keepers deal with all matters about the prevention of matters which may rock the tranquility of the colony and residents.


The services provided by the Tribal Council and the Bureau of Indian Affairs include:

  • Communications – Assistance – Law Enforcement & Protection
  • Serve & Protect Colony Members, Families and Property
  • Secure & Maintain a Peaceful Atmosphere
  • Tribal Lands & Colony Patrol
  • Working with Tribal Youth
  • Establishing & Conducting Tribal Youth Programs
  • Domestic and Public Relations
  • Animal Control

For more information about the services, functions or programs of the Wells Band Tribal Police,  communicate with their office by phone, email, fax or stop by for a more personal visit.