Being arrested for drug possession in Las Vegas is a serious charge, and a conviction can mean time in Nevada State Prison as well as high fines. Additionally, your criminal record could have lifelong effects on getting employment and housing. When you’re facing drug charges, your future is uncertain.

We strongly believe that if you are facing a drug charge in Nevada, you should fight the charges. As attorneys, we  know that in every case you have options, choices, and rights. And one of the first ways we help our clients is by making sure they understand all of their rights and options. Even if you are convicted, in some cases you can avoid jail time if you complete sentencing terms such as community services.

A qualified and knowledgeable Nevada drug possession attorney can help you understand what you’re facing and fight for you to get charges reduced or dismissed, but you should not delay. Contact us at 702-623-6362. We provide a free consultation.

Drug Court in Las Vegas

You may be eligible to avoid time in Nevada State Prison and attend drug court if you are charged with narcotics possession for the first time in Nevada. This is a rehabilitation program meant to help addicts rather than inflict punishment on them. The program is open to people facing a first-time charge of one of the following:

  • Felony possession (NRS 453.336)
  • Unlawful drug use (NRS 453.411)
  • Misdemeanor possession (NRS 453.351).

The Drug Court Program is open to addicts and non-addicts. Non-addicts can take a drug education class instead of rehab. Participants who are addicts must attend an outpatient rehabilitation and education, as well as counseling. They must report their progress regularly before a judge, and stay clean, including submitting to random drug testing for a specified time period.

Graduates of drug court will have their case completely dismissed, and the case will be sealed. They are allowed to legally deny that they were ever charged with drug possession (although there may be exceptions such as applying for a professional license).

Uncertainty After a Drug Charge

It is normal to be uncertain after a drug possession charge. If you do not understand the significance of the charges you are facing, we will be happy to explain them to you. Some charges can be completely dismissed while others, like possessing narcotics with the intent to sell them, can carry long prison terms. Different drugs carry different punishments, and offenses involving certain drugs are more aggressively prosecuted than others.

Getting Nevada Drug Charges Reduced

Our award-winning Las Vegas criminal attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to take your call and review your case. We understand that facing criminal charges is one of the most difficult things you may have to deal with. We’ve helped hundreds of people facing drug charges and these charges are not foreign to us.

We know you have many choices in who you call and will do everything that we can to ensure your case has the best possible result. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you.