UNLV hitmanThe whole country is devastated after hearing that a 67-year-old gunman opened fire at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and killed at least three faculty members. According to police, the gunman’s ten-minute rampage was intentional and well-planned out.

Police say the suspect arrived at the UNLV campus at around 11:30 AM armed with a handgun and 11 magazines of additional ammunition. The suspect went directly into Beam Hall, where the university’s business school is located, and he began shooting at four faculty members in the building. Three of those individuals were fatally wounded. The fourth victim, a 38-year-old male, was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries but has since been listed in stable condition.

Officers arrived on scene within two minutes of the first gunshot. They entered into the building without hesitation, while the suspect attempted to exit the building. The suspect encountered two police officers on his way out and a gunfight ensued. The suspect was fatally wounded.

Authorities say the suspect, Anthony Polito, was a longtime business professor living in Henderson. The suspect had reportedly been applying for numerous different teaching jobs at several universities and institutions of higher learning around Nevada. Police say that Polito had been denied positions at several surrounding schools.

Unfortunately, further investigations only revealed more sad details of Polito’s story. The suspect was reportedly struggling financially. When police arrived at his apartment to investigate, they discovered an eviction notice on the door. They also found the suspect’s last will and testament, computers, and more ammunition for the gun he legally purchased last year.

Authorities also discovered an alleged “hit list”. Police located 22 letters in the mail that were sent by the suspect to people on the hit list. The hazardous materials team has been tasked with processing the letters after investigators found that the first one contained an unknown white powder substance. The suspect’s list allegedly included several people at UNLV and Eastern Carolina University, where Polito used to work.

Mass Shootings: What You Need to Know

It’s always tragic when an individual takes the life of someone else. In the case of mass shootings, several lives are lost. In the situation above, the suspect was fatally wounded in the fallout of the incident.

If you get arrested and charged with a mass shooting that you clearly planned out in advance, then the consequences will match the severity of the crime. In most situations, these types of shooters are given multiple consecutive life sentences. In some cases, shooters can receive the death penalty.

Despite these very harsh potential sentences, every person deserves a legal representative they can trust to help advocate for them in court. If you committed a crime and need representation, then don’t hesitate to contact an attorney who can help you unpack your options moving forward. In some cases, you may be able to avoid the worst penalties in exchange for pleading guilty to reduced charges.

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