Is sharing and uploading videos on YouTube something you enjoy? You would be one of many people, as YouTube happens to be the most frequently-used sharing site for online videos. The best part about YouTube may be its ability to let you upload whatever you want. However, just because you can upload anything doesn’t mean everything should be uploaded.

For instance, you should never upload a video of yourself conducting an illegal act. You will often see people performing illegal activities on the platform, such as partaking in drug use, drinking underage, and more. Many videos have been shared that filmed people committing crimes like vandalism and robbery. Some people think that chronicling illegal activities on video makes them cool, but this is far from true. Sure, videos like that might get attention…mostly from the kind that will take away your freedom before your videos get taken down.

While most people do obey the rules that YouTube enforces, you are encouraged to go over all the information they provide you with about what you canand cannot do on the platform. Such information can be accessed on the Help Center section, where they explain how law enforcement gets involved when certain videos get uploaded. In other words, YouTube tells you upfront that your videos might get shared with proper authorities if it depicts illegal activity. For the most part, though, this is done with harsh crimes, including footage that contains sexual assault or abuse.

Law enforcement officials monitor videos without YouTube’s involvement, too. Many cases have been discussed where social media and YouTube content have helped solve a crime. Sadly, many people are under the false impression that law enforcement doesn’t make time to surf the net. This would be a mistaken assumption. Committing any type of crime, filming it, and uploading it to YouTube is something you should not do, unless you want to get caught–regardless of how big or small the crime may be.

There are also everyday people watching videos and reporting them if inappropriate content is seen. These people could change your life just like law enforcement or YouTube staff can. For example, if an underage student is seen on video engaging in drug activity or underage drinking, they could wind up suspended. Adults might be fired from their jobs if video footage exists of them committing an illegal act. Based on how serious the situation is, you might get off with a warning, or you could outright find yourself kicked out of something essential.

Suffice it to say, there are plenty of consequences that come with filming yourself doing something illegal. It doesn’t matter how small or large the crime is, you must always ere on the side of caution. In short, don’t upload anything inappropriate or illegal to YouTube.