woman arrested in Las VegasAt around 10:45 P.M. on Thursday, December 8th, authorities in east Las Vegas rushed out to the Citrus Apartments near East Charleston Boulevard to respond to a domestic violence incident. Upon arriving at the scene, police discovered a man suffering from multiple knife wounds. He was declared deceased.

Police also discovered a woman, 47-year-old Rotesha Shanek Battle, at the scene. It was later discovered that the female was allegedly dating the victim. Police believe that an altercation broke out before the female grabbed a knife and began to fatally stab the victim. Authorities arrested the suspect, who is now being charged with open murder.

Battle is currently in police custody and has not been offered bail, but she’s expected to have her first court appearance on December 13th.

Can You Defend Yourself Against Murder Charges?

Murder is the most serious criminal charge anyone could face, so it’s not surprising to learn that it also comes with some of the worst criminal consequences. In Nevada, state laws still allow for capital punishment, so the death penalty is a possibility for individuals convicted of murder. Even if the death penalty isn’t pursued, there’s a great chance that a convicted murderer will spend the rest of their life behind bars.

The good news is that these severe criminal consequences are (in general) reserved for individuals who have committed murder out of malice, with intent, and egregiously.

If you’ve been accused of taking the life of someone else, then you already know you’re in deep water. It’s necessary to hire a quality lawyer before proceeding any further. Regardless of whether you committed the act or not, you can defend yourself against murder charges.

One common strategy is to argue that your actions were in self-defense. If the other person was attacking or threatening you, then this is a valid legal defense strategy you should consider.

Another great legal defense strategy is to provide an alibi or proof that you couldn’t have committed the crime.

If you know you did commit the act, then it might be a good strategy to negotiate with the Prosecutor to get your charges reduced. To figure out what type of legal defense strategy is best suited for your circumstances, it might make the most sense to consult with a lawyer.

What to Do When You Get Accused of a Crime

Have you recently been accused of committing a violent crime in Nevada? If so, then it’s necessary for you to understand you’re not out of options. There are always ways to defend yourself. By securing a quality lawyer to help represent you, you’re giving yourself the best chances at a favorable legal outcome.

Here at LV Criminal Defense, we’re prepared to help you navigate even the trickiest criminal charges. We value your freedom as much as you do, so we will work hard to fight for what’s important.

Schedule a case review with our best lawyers now to learn more about how we can help you move forward.