Crime in Las Vegas just does not seem to end. Besides gang-related violence, the city is now also seeing a fair number of random cases of murder and violence all over the place. Just this past weekend, a female was found slain at a shopping center near UNLV.

It appears she had suffered several gunshot wounds to the head. The coroner at the Clark County sheriff’s office has identified her as Latoya Norgina Woolen, age 39.

When the police were called she was already dead. Forensic examination at the crime scene revealed shopping bags from a nearby dollar store located on the 1000 block of Flamingo Road.

Investigators believe that the victim had gone shopping in the nearby stores and was shot as she walked outside. Since the victim did not own a car, investigators believe that she was waiting, possibly for a ride when someone approached her and shot her from behind. From the trajectory of the bullet wounds, it does not appear as if the victim knew what happened.

Metro Police Lt Dan McGrath believes that this was a random crime but the motive remains unknown.

Investigators have been combing through surveillance images that have been made available from the nearby shopping plaza to determine the time of her death and who else was in the vicinity. Lt Dan McGrath pointed out that robbery does not appear to be a motive since the victim’s personal possession, including her cell phone and purse were found at the scene and left untouched.

It is not known at what time she was shot. So far investigators have not released any personal information on the victim. Bystanders saw an unresponsive female lying on the ground and called 911 at 8.45 pm. Police have not released any other information until they learn more about the victim.

This part of Flamingo Road is usually busy in the evenings but because it was a Sunday night, perhaps there were fewer people. Apart from the people who saw the victim, police have not identified anyone who even heard the gunshots.