Nevada Defense Attorney Explains Prostitution Crime Kiran and Jyoti Matharoo may have turned the tables on Nigeria. The African nation, infamous for its email scams, is now looking for the ladies who scammed men willing to cheat on their wives or girlfriends.

The Toronto based twosome posted thousands of Instagram photos touting their lavish living in the world’s jet-setting regions such as London, Paris and the Riviera.

Like a poorer version of the Kardashians, they began blogging about their lifestyle and amassed over 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Now, the Matharoo sisters have disappeared. Following their arrest, were the siblings hustled out of Nigeria by the men they’re accused of trying to extort? Some Nigerians think so.

The Toronto Sun reported that the Matharoos intended to move to Las Vegas. Other observers believe the sisters’ ability to trigger some uncomfortable conversations might have played a part in their January disappearance. Still, a few think they got to Las Vegas and are now buried somewhere in the miles of desert surrounding the Nevada city.

Regardless, the pair allegedly tried to extort money from some of Nigeria’s most powerful — and wealthiest — men.

Accounts indicate the ladies would meet targets for dinner and drinks. Afterward, in the girl’s hotel rooms, things would get cozier — a lot more intimate — under the watchful eye of discreetly placed remote video cameras.

When playtime was over, the women told the men about the cameras and warned them they would release the videos if their paramour du jour didn’t pay.

If the girls couldn’t get the mark to their room, they would record conversations with their wealthy friends which consisted of well-known politicians, club owners, and businessmen.  Later, the victims would be approached through a third party threatening the release of the recordings, videos, and pictures through the girls’ website, ‘Naijagistlive” which has been deactivated.

The scheme crashed when the pair tried to blackmail billionaire Femi Otedola, a Nigerian businessman, entrepreneur philanthropist, and chairman of Forte Oil Plc . Telling Otedola they had evidence of his wife-cheating, they demanded money to keep quiet.  Not realizing Otedola was temporarily on the outs with the Mrs, he called their bluff and went to the cops.

Otedola was not the only wealthy Nigerian targeted, just the last. His testimony revealed the pair’s method of operating.

The women were arraigned at the Yaba Magistrate Court on December 23rd and were charged with extortion and cyberbullying. The case was adjourned until January 26, 2017, and the ladies disappeared.

Judge E.A. Ojo issued a bench warrant for the women. Other than a fleeting glimpse on their website, nothing more has been heard from the duo.

In Nigeria, they held themselves out as celebrity stylists. The story held until the truth came out.

When the story exploded in Nigeria’s media, the women posted a video apology and claimed they didn’t mean to extort money.