A young female in Las Vegas who wanted to make some money selling pot ended up dying because of it.

Alyssa Sayago, 19, told her friend that something was just not right about the unused vacant home where she had planned to meet a buyer for selling pot. Instead of meeting up in a public place as she had planned, the buyer asked her to meet in a home located on the 8500 block of Copper Knoll avenue, where the suspect claimed he lived.

Sayago arrived at the dark vacant home around 9.30 pm and stayed on her phone because she was worried. A young male approached her and asked her to go in the back where he claimed his mother would weigh the marijuana.

The friend later told the police that Alyssa had just ventured into the business of selling marijuana a few weeks ago. And she was on the phone with her as Alyssa met her fate. Within seconds of going to the back of the home. Alyssa was shot dead from close range. She died instantly.

A few weeks later Las Vegas police arrested Khari Jabari, 17 in Los Angeles and Daelin Trevon Wagner, 18 in Houston. Warrants for their arrest were issued at the end of March on counts of robbery, murder, and conspiracy to commit robbery. As of last week, both teens were still awaiting extradition from their respective cities to Las Vegas.

So far, detectives have learned that at least four individuals had planned to rob Sayago. Detectives quickly identified the suspects by tracking phone records and determined that both James and Wagner were the two main suspects.

Soon after the murder an anonymous tipster told law enforcement that Wagner set up the deal but was not physically present at the time of the murder.

James had kept in constant touch with Wagner at the time of the shooting and it was his phone that was picked up by the phone tower. So far police have not identified the actual shooter.

Police have looked at surveillance images from homes in the area which showed Alyssa arriving to the vacant home and meeting with two people. After the shooting, both individuals left in a waiting car.

Detectives call this a real tragic death as the amount of marijuana Alyssa was selling was only an ounce and she paid for it with her life.