The allure of fast money, secret romance and new beginnings attracts visitors to Las Vegas in droves every day. Unfortunately for some tourists, their first trip to Vegas ends with an unwelcome trip to jail. From domestic violence charges to tourist sex crimes, Clark County Jail treats all inmates with the same level of nastiness you have seen sensationalized on television.

Fortunately for tourists, LV Criminal Defense is an option if they find themselves in legal trouble. Led by highly respected criminal defense attorney Nick Wooldridge, the firm helps out of state defendants post bail, set court hearings and either reduce or dismiss charges that may have been erroneously filed, or filed in direct violation of the constitutional rights of the defendant.

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Rights Afforded to Tourists Who Live Out of State

Regardless what charges you face, your rights to a fair trial are preserved. You have the right to remain silent until your attorney can be there to help counsel you during questioning. More importantly, you are allowed to have zealous representation of underlying charges. LV Defense has the motivation, passion and experience to help defendants who live in Nevada or any state in America.

For those who live thousands of miles away, your criminal defense attorney may file a notice of non-appearance during your Preliminary Hearing, known in legal circles as a Sargent Waiver. Additionally, many non-felony hearings can be handled through the mail by returning a written notarized authorization. By signing authorization, you are allowing an attorney to enter a plea agreement on your behalf. Doing this spares the expense of traveling to Las Vegas for criminal hearings.

Sex Crimes are Serious in Nevada

Charges of sexual assault, rape and similar are treated more harshly than other crimes. If the individual subjected to unwarranted sexual advances is under 18 years old, charges get progressively more serious as the age gets lower.

Some of the charges LV Defense has helped Nevada residents and out of state tourists combat include:

  • Statutory Sexual Seduction, otherwise known as Statutory Rape. Victim must be less than 16 years old for these charges to have substantiation. (NRS 200.366, 368)
  • Sexual Acts in Public (NRS 201.190)
  • Indecent Exposure (NRS 201.220)
  • Gross or Open Lewdness (NRS 201.210)
  • Lewdness with a minor child under the age of 16 (NRS 201.230)
  • Rape / Sexual Assault (NRS 200.366)

Sentences for sex crimes in Nevada range from probation and fines, up to life in prison without parole.

Defenses to Sex Crimes in Las Vegas

Even with overwhelming evidence, there are plenty of opportunities for LV Defense to discredit what evidence the prosecutor has collected. Some common defenses include:

  • Consent. If the sexual act happened consensually, there is no rape or assault. The only way this defense would be imprudent is if the individual was under 16 years of age.
  • Incomplete or missing evidence. Prosecution could attempt to present evidence that fails to meet evidentiary rules, including admissibility. Tainted evidence, including laboratory tests, could be deemed inappropriate for presentation at trial.
  • False allegations. Victims may have made up sexual assault or rape allegations out of anger. If the victim is found to have made false reports for their own benefit, they may be charged with a crime while dismissing the case against the alleged attacker.

Nick Wooldridge and his firm are masterful at defending cases where evidence is lacking or the defendant never committed the underlying offense.

LV Defense Fights for Tourists Accused of All Crimes

Whether you committed a minor misdemeanor or are accused of having sexual relations with an underage person, you are entitled to competent counsel at all stages of your case. LV Defense is notorious for fighting criminal charges with efficiency and exemplary knowledge of Nevada and federal laws. Our reviews further prove our commitment to clients nationwide.

With potential life sentences in some cases, you should invest wisely in your defense of charges. Contact our firm today at 702-623-6362 to begin the process of putting this horrific legal issue behind you.