penalties for sexual offenses in Clark conntyBeing charged with a sexual assault or other sex crime can have lifelong ramifications, impacting employment, finding housing, and holding professional licenses, even decades after a crime.

As a crime involving moral turpitude, non-U.S. citizens convicted of rape are almost always deported upon finishing serving a prison sentence.  If convicted, you could spend life in prison. 

If you’ve been accused of committing a sexual offense in Nevada, you should strongly consider contacting experienced and aggressive Nevada sexual abuse lawyer right away. Sex cases are aggressively prosecuted in Nevada, in some cases with zero physical evidence.

Sex crimes in Nevada include:

  • Sexual Assault (including rape)
  • Statutory sexual seduction (statutory rate)
  • Indecent exposure / open or gross lewdness crimes
  • Sexual misconduct between teachers and students
  • Internet crimes against children.

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Penalties for Sex Crimes

It is important to understand that sexual assault in Nevada is a Class A felony and one of the most serious times of crime one can be charged with.  Criminal penalties for sexual assault can include life in prison and being required to register as a sex offender. Whether or not someone convicted of sexual assault will be eligible for parole will depend on the age of the victim at the time of the crime, whether the victim was injured, and the defendant’s past criminal history.

Other crimes may carry penalties that depend on the specific and unique circumstances. Depending on the age of the defendant and his/her criminal history, statutory rape may be a gross misdemenaor with a sexual element. Indecent exposure may be a Category D felony punishable by 1-4 years in prison,  or gross misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances.

Defenses to Sexual Assault Cases in Nevada

If you have been charged with sex assault, you do have options for legal defenses and an attorney can help you employ your defense strategy, including that you were falsely accused, or that the accuser consented to the sexual act. People are falsely accused of rape and sexual assault out of anger or revenge, or even to gain advantage in a child custody case.

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