The state wants to appear as tough as possible on drunk drivers, especially those who have caused accidents due to their inebriated states, and this could mean the courts throwing the book at you in order to ensure that they are penalizing drunk drivers to the highest degree.

However, accidents happen, and while being convicted of your second or third DUI may cause more problems than it solves, hiring a criminal defense attorney who knows how to handle this type of case could be your saving grace. Multiple DUI charges can stack up, and if you aren’t careful, they may lead to loss of your ability to drive as well as other rights. Here’s what to expect after multiple DUI charges.

2nd DUI Charges

Even your first DUI is not a fun experience, especially if you’ve caused an accident due to your intoxicated state. However, with one DUI on your record, any police officer who pulls you over has the right to request a blood or breath test, and this makes it much easier for your first DUI to turn into your second. If you are charged with a second misdemeanor, your sentencing will depend upon any additional charges, as well as take into account your criminal activity within the last 7 years, not just DUIs.

This is a timely and expensive process, which may lead to up to six months of jail time, fines, and losing driving privileges for up to a year. Other penalties associated with your second DUI include community service and alcoholism rehabilitation and education classes.

3rd DUI Charges

After your third DUI in 7 years, things begin to get extremely serious, as this is considered a felony. If you are unaware, becoming a felon not only affects your right to vote, it also makes it extremely hard to find a job, as it is required that you report this information to your employer. Not only will a felony charge make your life more difficult in the future–you could also land in jail for up to 6 years after your third DUI. There is no probation for this charge, either, so you will be spending that entire sentence behind bars.

Nevada Criminal Defense When You Need It

If you’ve been convicted of multiple DUIs, you must hire a criminal defense attorney immediately who can look after your best interests. Everyone makes mistakes, but drunk driving is treated especially harshly due to societal stigma and will be punished accordingly.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney who can defend you from unfair sentencing and charges is the right move to protect your future.